Bergen Startup Weekend

Join us for a big blowout of creative impulses at the final of Global Entrepreneurship Week – 22nd to 24th of november!

Startup Weekend Bergen Banner

So what is this Startup Weekend concept really all about – you might think. Well, here is the recipe:

  • A dash of creative designers
  • One portion of geeky developers
  • A few handfulls of clever businesspeople, entrepreneurs and random enthusiasts

Stir well together with some great ideas, divide into teams, sprinkle some mentorship on top and let sit for 54 hours in room temperature**.

** WARNING: Temperature may rise as a result of high voltage imagination.

Now this is the part where it usually starts bubbling – we let in the judges! Some fine examples of wise heads will enter the scene and grill the teams for a few minutes, before they decide which team will be of the winning kind.

The results – in some cases a fresh baked business idea turned into a fulltime job for the team members.

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Oh, you are already convinced? You want to sign up? Well, OK then – go go go! –

28. oktober 2013 Jon Erik Vollan